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"Sara is equally likely to teach you something innovative about culture, cooking, or design as she is to surprise you with her ability to listen intently as if you're the only person in the room. Her delicate balance of passion, ambition, humanity, and care is rare and refreshing. She's fearless in the face of daily setbacks. Sara cultivates an atmosphere of nuanced creative and emotional intelligence in all that she does. She's an absolute joy to have as a coworker, a teacher, and a friend, and I consider myself honored to know her." Libby Bulloff | Nordstrom
"Sara is a lady with a big heart. She opens up for everybody she works with, treats people equally, and cares about others very much. Sometimes, I almost forget that she is almost 10 years younger than me since she acts very mature, and stays calm. She makes time to listen and talk to you when you need her. She is kind of like a therapist, or a mother (or a big sister) that everybody wants...warm, sincere, reliable, positive and also very funny. I don't know how many times she rescued me from my occasional panic attacks when I made mistakes or didn't know what I was doing. She always made me feel comfortable and safe at work. She is always looking for new ideas and creative ways to make your work and life better. Sara is a great person to be around because of her A+ work ethic and motivative personality. Once you work with her, it's impossible not to love her! Yume Nakajima | Nordstrom

"Sara was my lead for several years and I cannot say enough wonderful things about her.  Her work ethic, integrity, appreciation for teamwork make her a favorite colleague of mine.  Always a delight, Sara puts a smile on everyone's face she encounters and her positive attitude is infectious.  She's also curious and eager to learn new things, as she's not one to settle for the status quo." Jane Brown | Nordstrom

AND managers

"Positive attitude, attention to detail, great work ethic and with integrity, self-motivating, and wonderful organizational skills make her a great contributor and leader. She makes the tasks easy to accomplish. She is not only smart and knowledgeable in digital imaging and retouching, but she is also sharp, personable, empathetic, and always willing to help others with encouraging demeanor. She handles challenges well and always seeks to learn new things to broaden her knowledge and skills." Mika Matsumoto | Sara's Lead Digital Image Editor at Nordstrom

"Sara is a total delight to work with; she is the up-most professional with the best attitude. She has a great eye for details while maintaining the highest quality of work. She always keeps an eye out for the needs of her fellow team members and will not hesitate to jump in when help is needed. She is a huge advocate for the work that we do, and the best partner that a manager could ask for." 
Matt Flor | Sara's On-Figure Image Production Manager at Nordstrom

"Sara is a wonderfully talented designer, with an exceptional eye for editorial design and image selection. She tackles any project with great enthusiasm and strong creative thinking, successfully delivering beautiful solutions to a wide range of communication materials and digital properties. Regardless of the ask Sara brings real thought and passion to every collaboration, handles feedback with exceptional grace and enthusiasm and manages multiple work-streams and deliverables without flinching. I have loved working with Sara and would welcome any opportunity to collaborate with her in the future." Therese Bartolini |Sara's Manager at Waggener Edstrom

"Sara Huntley's a joy to work with. She's smart, friendly and immensely talented. During our time working together, I saw her engage with an astounding variety of design tasks, each with its own unique challenges, yet she consistently emerged victorious. She's a great collaborator, yet completely capable of being self-reliant. A versatile talent, Sara would be a seamless addition to any organization." Tyler Sticka | Sara's Team Manager at Waggner Edstrom